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Cyber bullying is not okay. Motherhood needs community!

  • By Bianca Reis

Cyber bullying is not okay. Motherhood needs community!

Guys I talk about this a lot but it means so much to me and something happened yesterday that set alarm bells off in my head. I believe in education, understanding and support are paramount in this motherhood business. Judgment has no place here and most of all, judgment breeds fear. Fear to ask questions, for those who are second guessing themselves. I am looking for a man who is looking for a man who is looking for a job.I'm here for you guys, no matter how different your opinions, we all want and what is best for our situation. Zero judgment.

In a conversation on IG yesterday I had unfollowed someone Because I did not think did Their attitude what something I wanted in my feed everyday. She was telling her. "What's wrong?" So I unfollowed. She asked why I would not follow her ("what's the matter?") And so I, perhaps stupidly, answered. She retorted by saying "It's a very difficult thing to do," she said Quite freeing, actually "....


This kind of attack is not okay with me. If this energy is in your life, real or on IG, then unfollow. Be with people who love and support you. Let's all work together. Because we have nothing without each other. Thank you for letting me. Love you all !!! 

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