The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag
The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag

The Original Swagroll - Diaper Bag

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The Original Swagroll is our first ever diaper bag. It all started in a conversation with my pregnant sister in 2010. She needed a compact and travel-friendly diaper bag that held everything she needed for a day or weekend trip. It needed to be organized and easily accessible, as well as small enough to fit into her favorite handbag. The handbag that she refused to give up simply because she was now a mama! After 8 years we have tested with real mamas in our beta version, and now refined the design and increased it's functionality beyond your wildest dreams! It is easy-to-use, organized with quick-draw pockets, compact & sleek. It is a diaper carry-all system that will make your job and life a little easier.

Core features:

  • Use it 3 ways: Inside your favorite handbag or backpack, cross-body messenger bag or hook it on the back of any restroom door.

  • 100% machine washable & changing mat included!

  • 9 organized, expandable pockets - all accessible from the side.

  • Unique quick-draw compartment accessible by zipper, holding your go-to items. 

  • Magnets and adjustable buckles allow you to hold as little or as much as you need.

  • Compact & sleek, made for dad too.

  • Made from our luxuriously soft, vegan leather and water-repellant lining. Changing Mat and detachable shoulder strap included.


Organized, Quick-Draw Pockets.

Unzip the bag at the bottom to reveal your quick-draw pockets with your main go-to items. Wet-wipes and diapers. Boom!

Unroll The Original Swagroll to reveal 7 interior pockets designed to hold all your diaper-changing necessities.

  • 2x mesh pockets for creams, extra tissues, pacifiers etc 

  • 2x expandable pockets for diapers, extra clothes or burp cloths 

  • Wet-wipe dispenser 

  • Double-zipped wet bag for your dirties 

  • Changing Mat included 

Roll it up and use the 2 exterior pockets to hide that extra cheese-stick, toy monkey or carry your cell phone. Clip your keys to the d-rings so you have them on hand.

--- And once your babes are out of diapers, think about using this as your traveling toiletries bag.

Fits Inside the Handbag or Backpack you already Love!

Don't replace all your favorite bags just because you're a Mama now. Throw this little thing into your favorite medium-sized handbag or backpack, and no-one will even know that you can change diapers in one-minute-flat. Dad can use it this way too! (Let's be real, he might take two minutes)

Wear it cross-body as a messenger bag with the detachable shoulder strap for your no-fuss, hands-free adventures to the park or out to coffee. 

Hook it on the back of any public restroom door when you're out to brunch and unroll it so that all your diaper-changing-tools are right where you need them.

100% Machine Washable

Made from a deliciously soft vegan leather with a water-repellant lining. This diaper bag goes straight in the washing machine and dryer, because Mama, you know things are going to get messy. Wipe it down for those smaller messes.

Compact & Sleek

Lightweight and compact, this little bag packs a big punch. It weighs in at under one pound and fits inside any medium sized handbag or backpack - it's seriously that small!

Super soft fabric, sturdy zippers and hardware. No shiny logos, no cheesy prints or vinyl-sided fabrics here. This bag comes in Black. 

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