I'm Bianca, the creative director and co-founder of Agatha Cub.

A woman. A creator. And a business-owner.

A mother. A mother. A mother.


My life changed when my sister gave birth to her first child in 2010. I experienced for the very first time, an inexplicable, unconditional and desperate kind of love for a being that, honestly, had done absolutely nothing to deserve it. He was my nephew, he was family and he changed my world. Two years later, my sister gave him a brother who would again change everything for me.

I visited them at any chance I could (across oceans), I would squeeze them endlessly when there, and I had this unquenchable desire to gift them the world. As they grew, I noticed that these two creatures, though both boys, could not have been more different.

As I browsed, I found it almost impossible to find thoughtful, exciting, stereotype-free games, toys, clothes and books. The kind that these two wildly different individuals deserved. This was a problem. How was it that this emotionally-sensitive, deep-belly laughing, socially motivated boy would want to identify himself in the same way that my fiercely passionate, creative, yet introverted nephew would? I couldn't understand how it is that we had only one social profile for boy / male / masculine and how these boys fit into that paradigm. I found myself constantly asking: Why is this the only thing on offer? I'm so sick of these over-simplified themes of masculinity... trucks, the colour blue and anything that 'battles'.

My babies are way more complex than this. And now as a mother, it is so clear to me that my own son deserves the space to explore, understand and embrace his own true self. In fact, he needs it to become the open-hearted, respectful and free boy that i have been tasked with raising. I owe these boys the opportunity to discover this for themselves and to be empowered by it. 

While I can't make toys, my written word is less than perfect, and I couldn't win a game of Monopoly against a goat, I can make clothes. This is how I can contribute to change, and this is how I am going to be a part of the solution and not the problem.




A home for the weird, the wonderful and the unexpected.

We make comfy clothes for active girls and boys. Our one-of-a-kind prints come from original photographs of the world around us. They are free of expectations and stereotypes. They are designed to offer a different perspective and inspire inquisitive minds to dig deeper.

I hope you'll join us on this journey as we take a leap of faith and test the boundaries of what is possible.


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